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About Automotive Industry
About Automotive Industry

The Indian Automotive Industry is one of the fastest-growing markets of the world and contributes significantly to the country’s manufacturing eco-system. The future workforce of this industry will need to work on a series of non-routine tasks that require social intelligence, complex critical thinking and creative problem-solving ability to remain relevant in the auto industry.

The Automotive Industry is an important part of the Indian economy, it is the fourth largest in the world with an annual turnover of $100 billion and employs 37 million people contributing to 7.5% to the country's GDP. This consists not just dealership but vehicle manufacturers, parts suppliers, and related businesses including 2-Wheelers, 4-Wheelers, Passenger Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles

Changing market demand: The launch of smart, connected vehicles points towards the presence of more Electrical & Electronics parts in newer vehicles. To meet up with this trend Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) /Auto component manufacturers now also require electronic and electrical engineers, Telematics, Vehicle Networking, Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) specialists and Data Analytics.

New and Reskilling Jobs in the various sub-sectors of the Automotive Industry
Sub-sectors of automotive industry New jobs Jobs which will require major reskilling
Research & Development R&D and Manufacturing

(OEM, Auto Component Manufacturers, Raw Material Suppliers)
  • Mechatronics Technician
  • Electronics Technician
  • Automation and Robotics Engineer
  • Equipment Maintenance Technician
  • Automotive Data Analyst
  • Machining
  • Maintenance (Mechanical and Electric)
  • Automotive Test Technician
  • Welding
  • Vehicle and Component Assembly
  • Casting
  • Painting Process
Dealership Sales
  • Home Sales Consultant
  • Sales Consultant Digital Marketing
  • Digital Content Writer
  • E-Outlet Sales Consultant
Sales Consultant
Automobile Service

OEM Authorized Service Centers and Private Garage Technicians)
  • Auto Expert Technician
  • Advance Paint Technician
  • Battery Technician
  • Electric Vehicle Technician
  • Predictive Analyst
Service Technician
Road Transport

EV Charging Station
  • Charging Attendant / Station Supervisor
  • Car Washer / Tyre Inflator / Punctures Repair
  • Field Failure Analysis Engineer
  • Customer Support Engineer
Road Transport

(New Skills required by Commercial Vehicle and Cab Drivers as a complementary skill to driving)
  • Hospitality
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Handling Hazardous Materials
  • Basic Mechanics
  • Tablet Computer Training
  • Financial Management
  • Vehicle Detailing
  • Self-motivation Training
  • Transportation Management Training
The Sub Sectors providing direct Employment

The break-Up of Employment Projection Sub Sectors wise estimated below:

In India, almost 30% of Employment is contributed by Auto Sector. Below chart represents the domains which provide employment opportunities in Automobile Industry

Employment projected as per 2019

Employment projection till 2026

Source: EY analysis


Automobile Manufacturing clusters – Geographical locations

Source: EY analysis