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A sale is a transaction between two or more parties in which the buyer receives tangible or intangible goods, services, or assets in exchange for money.

Motor vehicle sales represent the number of domestically produced units of cars, SUVs, minivans, and light trucks etc. that are sold through dealership across the globe by sales professionals. The ability to explain the concept of cost of ownership of a vehicle is a skill that every successful sales professional needs. Helping a client make a positive buying decision means that we sometimes need to walk them through a logical cost of ownership through skill training and knowledge.

Sales Functions:

Role of Technology:

  • Today’s technology has a key role in Sales for future growth. Using digital platform has shown an increase in Vehicle Sales. It not only helps to increase the dealership reach but also consumes less time for maturing a lead. Use of laptop, tabs, online configurator or even simulators can help enhance customer experience.
  • Another way is a CRM, who serves as a single resource to all client information. This information can help sales teams better understand how a customer becomes a lead. Use of DMS can also help manage real-time access to customer data.
  • The idea of a “limited-time offer” is common at most dealership, but yet effective as it creates a sense of scarcity that is used as a tactic for vehicle sales. A limited opportunity may be limited by time (e.g. an offer good for this month only) or availability (e.g. the last pickup on the lot).
  • An effective salesperson uses nabbing technique to frame the benefits of a product or service regarding the needs of a client. This results in understanding the day-to-day challenges faced by a client and focuses on how a product can solve those issues. Using such approach helps in building strong relationship by showing a salesperson’s interest in solving a customer’s problem.

Source: EY analysis


    Education and Experience criteria of Sales shown below

    1 Sales Automotive Showroom Hostess/Host 3 10th Class Pan India Not Required 7000 -10000
    2 Sales Automotive Sales Tele-caller 4 12th Class Pan India Not Required 8000 – 14000
    3 Sales Automotive Sales consultant 5 Graduate in any discipline Pan India Not Required 9500 – 16000
    4 Sales Automotive Sales Team Leader 6 Graduate in any discipline Pan India 2-3 years (Automotive Sales) 15000 – 20000
    5 Sales Automotive Sales Trainer 6 Graduate in any discipline Pan India 2-3 years (Automotive Sales) 20000-30000
    6 Sales Customer Relationship Manager 7 Graduate in any discipline Pan India 3-5 Year (Automotive Sales) 25000-40000
    7 Sales Automotive Sales Manager 7 Graduate in any discipline Pan India 3-5 Year (Automotive Sales) 30000-45000

    Entrepreneurship Opportunities:

    • Initially after reaching a milestone one can set up a dealership of 2-Wheeler/4-Wheeler.
    • Can set up a Training Centre for Automobile Sales.
    • Can open up a Showroom for Pre-Owned Cars
    • Can set up a Vehicle Accessories Shop
    • Can be a Free Lance Trainer.

Sales Career Progression